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Thursday, 30 April 2020

Good-bye For Now

Sadly, today is my last day of work for the 2019 - 2020 school year. Thank you for visiting my blog over the past few weeks. I will pick it up again in the Fall. In the meantime, I shall miss you all, small and tall. Please take care of yourself. Stay active, create, learn, and read lots. I look forward to seeing you back in the Learning Commons. xo

Thursday, 23 April 2020

Book Suggestions

Do you want to borrow an ebook or audiobook from the Calgary Public Library but don't know what to choose? Well this might help!

All new books that are purchased for the Learning Commons are displayed on our New Books bookshelf for everyone to see and borrow. I take pics of this shelf and share it with staff so they know what's new in the LC.

Here are some of those pics! Perhaps you'll find some inspiration!

Don't forget to keep track of all the books you read (or listen to) so you can add beads to the bottle on my desk!

Please see earlier post How to Borrow eBooks and Audiobooks from Calgary Public Library for instructions.

Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Ongoing Learning with CBE

Have you seen Calgary Board of Education's Ongoing Learning page?

There is a nice video for you to watch and resource links down the right side.

Check out these Activities and Ideas for Families

Remember to look after your body with this . . . 

Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines 

And your brain with this . . . 

What's Going on in this Picture? Images from The New York Times stripped of their captions – and an invitation for students to discuss and write about. 
  • Use visual estimation, and patterning to form an estimate based on a picture and then see a “reveal" 
  • Suitable for Grades 4 – 9  
  • Use logic to solve visual, interactive mathematical puzzles 
  • Suitable for K – 12 

Let's Talk Science 

And more!! So go ahead and click around! Keep both your body and your brain active!

2020 Rocky Mountain Book Award Nominees

The 2020 Rocky Mountain Book Award nominees have been posted!

This is an Alberta based award for Canadian books for kids. I recognize a lot of the titles from our collection! How many have you read?

Click on each book to find out more about it. If you are interested, try borrowing it as an ebook or an audiobook from the Calgary Public Library! See earlier post on how to do this.

2020 Nominees

    hubots helaine becker
    there be pirates joann hamilton barry

Keep track of all the books you read so you can add beads to the bottle on my desk when we are back in the Learning Commons! I can't wait! 

Friday, 17 April 2020

What is the Online Reference Centre?

The Online Reference Centre is a set of resources created by the Ministry of Education to support Alberta curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

You can find all sorts of interesting sites such as . . .

  • Indigenous Peoples
  • Muzzy for language learning
  • National Film Board of Canada
  • National Geographic Kids
  • PowerKnowledge for Science
  • Scholastic Go!
  • ScienceFLIX
  • TeachingBooks
  • Teen Health and Wellness
  • Twig
  • Various Encyclopedias 
  • And many more!

During this time, all access is open and students do not need to log in.

So go to the Online Reference Centre now and check it out!

How to Check Your School Library Account From Home

Are you wondering if you have any school library books on your account?

Or maybe you know you borrowed a book but you can't remember what it's called?

No worries! You can check your account from home. It's easy peasy!

Just log in to e-Library (that's where we search for books) using your CBE number and password.

Here are a few ways to get to e-Library:

  • Use this link to our school website and follow the instructions in the blue box
  • Use this link to e-Library 
  • Use a tablet or cell phone camera to scan the QR code

Then follow the steps to see your account.

If you do have books on your account, please keep them safe until we can see each other in the Learning Commons again! Thank you! 

Thursday, 16 April 2020

Explore the Calgary Public Library at Home!

Just becasue we are at home now doesn't mean we can't enjoy the Calgary Public Library!

Library at Home is their collection of online resources and it's fantastic!

You know I love their ebooks and audiobooks but they have so much more for you to explore!

Calgary Public Library and CBE have a long partnership and they offer lots of resources to support our students. Have a look around their website and see what they've got for all ages and grades, as well as pre-school and adults. They truly have something for everyone.

All CBE students have access to all online CPL resources using . . .

Library Card Number : educbe email ID (ex. jordanf23, rileyd56)
PIN : 1234567